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William Lux

Phone: 847-760-3422

Fax: 847-760-3423


Back Road Rider ride’s are the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the Month leaving the Jo Jo’s Restaurant located in Schaumburg at Route 58 East of Barrington Road on the corner of North Walnut Lane.

Adamczyk, Mark           

Adamczyk, Stephanie   

Aiardo, Jon                      

Bachewicz, Ray              

Bachewicz, Lisa              

Burdick, Dan                   

Burdick, Laura                

Carro, Norine                  

Edwards, Gary                 

Edwards, Virgina           

Ferrante, Joseph              

Grooms, Michael           

Grooms, Gina                  

Hammer, Dave                

Hammer, Michelle         

Haun, Larry                     

Haun, Sammy                  

Lancaster, Bill                 

LaCaze, Mike                  

Lux, Bill                            

Lux, Donna                      

Morris, Bill                      

Morris, Dave                   

Morris, Sharon                

Mumford, Bill                 

Mumford, Jean                

Pesantes, Judith               

Pesantes, Moises            

Pinsky, Scott                    

Pinsky, Sharon                 

Proue, Dan