About Us

  When the Back Road Riders formed back in 1998 our first President Nick Weil said that the BRR was a club that would ride with almost anyone or any group. Attend other groups rides and events.












Our membership year starts in May.

Dues are due at the May meeting please. (Checks or Cash)


We do have modest club dues which are as follows:

Members dues are $35.00 per person per year, but you have up to the July meeting to pay $30.00 per person. We like to call it our signing bonus.



All club money goes toward:

Helps with the cost of the Annual Holiday party which we hold in January.

Cost of firewood for any of our club camping trips.

Miscellaneous good well gestures for our members, their families, and Friends.

The upkeep cost of this website.


To contact us:


William Lux

Phone: 847-760-3422

Fax: 847-760-3423

E-mail: billlux@brrmc.com